Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What to do if you see a disturbance?

For any on-campus emergencey, dial x1-911
From a cell phone dial (413) 538-2304.


1. Get a description of the person(s) causing the disturbance.

2. Gather key details of what happened.

3. Call Public Safety at x 2304 or 1-911, then give your name, telephone number, location and the nature of the disturbance.

Actions Faculty Can Take for Classroom Disturbances

1. Direct the disruptive person(s) to leave the classroom.

2. If the person(s) does not leave, have the situation reported to the Public Safety Department at x 2304 or 1-911 giving the name of the caller, telephone number, location, and nature of the disturbance.

3. If the safety of the others is threatened, dismiss the class.

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