Friday, May 30, 2008

Commencement 2008

It is hard to believe how quickly this year seemed to go by. Like the old song, "Make new friends and keep the old," we will miss our friends in the Class of 2008, but we look forward to meeting new friends in the Class of 2012.

We thought you might like to see some photos from Commencement morning where some awards were presented.Above is Paul Ominsky, Director of Public Safety, with Caralie '08 as she is surprised with our Community Service Award for her very hard work in assisting our department to become re-accredited this past year.
Kathryn '08 (right in photo) was also presented with a Community Service Award for her leadership on the MHC student Medical Emergency Response Team.

And just for fun, we thought we'd share a photo of Officers Jeff and Greg taking advantage of the beautiful weather on their commute to work.