Friday, June 13, 2008

What do the officers do?

Many people wonder what Public Safety Officers do on campus. The most important thing officers do is protect & maintain a safe environment on our campus.

The officers patrol the campus 24/7 while checking parking lots, buildings and other campus property to make sure everything is safe & working as they should be. If something out of the ordinary is found, our officers take care of it in a professional & courteous manner.

Other Duties-
Ride Card Transports
Safety Transports after midnight until dawn
Lockouts (as long as its your area for example, your dorm room or classroom)
Jump starts for your vehicles dead battery (while you are on campus)
Vehicle Lockouts (while you are on campus)
And many other things!

Community Programs-
RAD Self Defence Classes
Dorm Activities for Personal Safety
Vehicle Maintenance Programs
Alcohol Awareness
And many other things that may arise

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