Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bicycle Removal Efforts

Tis' the season for tagging and removing unregistered bicycles from campus. If you bike was tagged with a bright orange notice and you are indeed a current student, please stop by the Parking Office, which is located in Public Safety, to register your bicycle before it is removed from campus. Removal will start shortly. Registration is *FREE*!

If you are off campus and may have forgotten to register your bike before you left, contact the Parking Office at 413-538-2514.

If you have graduated, but left your bike on campus and would like to retrieve it, please stop by and do so! If you have graduated and you no longer want the bike, it will be considered abanded and then removed.

The reason bikes are removed from campus, its to make room for the registered ones and the additional bikes that will appear in the fall.

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