Friday, April 18, 2008

Emergency Notification System Tested

Did you get the call?

Yesterday at 4:00pm the College tested its new emergency notification system. A message was sent by text message, cell phone call or email for every student, faculty and staff member.

3,304 total contacts were made by the system. Because it was a test, the system requires an acknowledgment of the receipt of the message. 1,051 messages were acknowledged.

Feedback after the test was extremely helpful. There was some confusion for those who were responding to a voice mail or cell phone message and were calling back to the call center. The passcode required is "1837" for all users. Text message responses will require a different passcode. (Generally an acknowledgment is required only during tests of the system.)

If you did not get a message yesterday afternoon, please check your emergency contact information. If you are a student, log into ISIS. If you are an employee, check your information with Human Resources.

The emergency notification system will be used only in emergencies in which the safety or wellbeing of members of the community may be in jeopardy, and through three tests each year. Assuring you always have up-to-date information through ISIS or Human Resources is vital in allowing you to receive important information in the event of an emergency.

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