Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crime Prevention Tip of the Week #3

Get help fast!

In order to reach Public Safety quickly in case of emergency, program our phone number into your cell phone:

(413) 538-2304

That way, you can reach us quickly regardless of where you are on campus for help.

Keep in mind that the quicker you are able to alert us to a crime or potentially dangerous situation, the more quickly we can respond. Be sure to call us as soon as possible if:
  • you are the victim of, or are aware of, a crime on campus
  • you see something suspicious (please be prepared to provide a full description and detail what about the situation caused you to notify us)
  • you notice a safety hazard on campus - exterior doors that do not shut or lock; the odor of natural gas, someone who appears to be 'checking out' cars in a parking lot, etc.
  • any other safety concern on campus

We'd rather hear from you and determine that everything is fine than not hear from you and potentially lose the chance to prevent a crime from occurring.

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