Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mass Notification Test Scheduled

On Thursday October 2nd at 12:05 pm we are going to test the College's emergency notification system. This system will allow us to contact all Mount Holyoke community members by text message, cell phone or email in the event of a critical incident on campus.

For more information about the Mount Holyoke emergency notification system, see We will only use this system for serious campus emergencies in which the safety and wellbeing of community members may be in jeopardy.

We currently have an email address on record for every member of the community. However, we believe that emergency notification will be more timely and effective if we can send automated alerts either by text message or cell phone call, rather than relying solely on email. Therefore, we encourage all community members ensure that their personal contact information on file with the College is up to date. Students may do so via ISIS by logging in at and selecting "Student Profile" from the ISIS for Students menu. Members of the faculty and staff should contact Human Resources.

Please update your information by Wednesday September 24th.

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