Friday, September 5, 2008

Car Break-Ins

Recently, there have been vehicles broken into in campus parking lots and items left in the vehicles were stolen, specifically GPS devices.

Thieves are generally looking for items easy to grab that they can see through a car window. Please do not leave any items of value or potential value in the passenger area of your vehicle, especially music devices, GPS units, money, and other easy-to-remove items. If such items must be left in your car, lock them in the trunk where they are less likely to be seen.

When parking your car, call Public Safety at x1-911 or utilize an emergency phone if you see anyone suspicious. Suspicious behavior includes someone 'hanging out' in the lot, someone sitting in a car for a length of time, someone looking into vehicles, or someone you just feel seems out of place.

Public Safety has increased patrols of campus parking lots and is checking with area police departments to see if other campuses and town departments have had any similar incidents and to share information.

Officers are on duty twenty-four (24) hours a day to respond to incidents and to give assistance. Crime prevention is everyone's responsibility. Working together we can keep the campus safe.

Please visit the Public Safety website at for more crime prevention tips.

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